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Noog is very handy internet search assistent. Simplifies advanced searches on the Internet. For example, if you
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3 September 2013

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While surfing the internet you may need to dig out various kinds of information and you typically visit a search engine to secure answer to your queries. However there are different popular search engines available today tend to generate their own set of results based on their proprietary criteria. Now imagine if you could choose which search engine to use, or use all of them for a comparative study of the results right from your desktop. Well this is now possible thanks to the remarkable NooG 1.0 search assistant.

On launch the NooG 1.0 presents before you a clearly structured compact screen which is easy on the eye. To start with the application gives you the choice to choose the browser of your choice, say FireFox and interface language which can be set as English at default. Next you can choose to restrict the search queries to a specific country say Germany and even set the search language. It offers you basic option to search for specific phrase or string or to search within a specific site. It also gives you option to exclude search results that include a specific word that you do not want to appear. These features come rather handy for a person who is not familiar with Boolean search operators to perform the same set of functions directly on a search engine. It further gives you the choice to choose the file type say HTML or a PDF doc. It gives you choice to choose any of search engines where you want your queries to be executed or choose all of them.

Overall this small yet effectual search assistant does an excellent job in helping you execute your search queries with precision and ease. The NooG 1.0 application earns a score of 3 rating points on account of its simplicity and optimum performance.

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Noog is very handy internet search assistent. Simplifies advanced searches on the Internet. For example, if you are looking for an advanced combination of country, language, phrases, document type, domain, etc.
Version 1.0
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